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The company conducts cargo condition surveys at the request of Shippers, Consignees, Shipowners, Managers, Cargo Underwriters, P&I clubs, Claim Handling companies, etc.

Romanian ports attended without additional transportation charges: Constanta, Constanta South Agigea, Midia, Basarabi.

The certificates issued by Apollo Cargo Services Ltd. are recognized by Constanta Customs office being frequently used for amendments or corrections of Cargo Manifests.

Types of cargo surveys performed: Cargo condition surveys, pre-shipment cargo condition, pre-discharging cargo condition, cargo damage surveys, tally, weighing, volume measurement, etc.

Cargo condition surveys

Ascertaining the condition of the cargo by visual inspection

Damage surveys

Ascertaining the probable cause, nature and extent of the damage to a certain commodity.

The survey does not include any calculation in respect of the amounts involved.

Pre-discharging survey

Ascertaining the condition of the cargo by visual inspection conducted in ships holds before commencement of discharging.

The survey is aiming to identify potential damage sustained by the cargo during sea passage caused by seawater ingress, improper stowage, insufficient lashing, inadequate packing etc.

P&I; Steels Pre-shipment surveys

Survey conducted at the request of the P&I Clubs, Owners or Managers.

Includes visual inspection of the cargo prior to loading concluded by written recommendations handed to the ships master in respect of the remarks that, in surveyors opinion, reflect the apparent condition of the cargo.

Our surveyors inspected during the last three years most of the steel cargoes shipped from Constanta by sea to USA, Columbia, UAE or Saudi Arabia.

Weighing supervision

Supervision of weighing of a certain commodity.

The survey includes: checking the last calibration of the weighing bridge or scale, following that the weighing procedure is correct, recording all information and issuing of a Weighing Certificate.


Ascertaining the number of units loaded or discharged on / from board transport means.

The survey will ascertain the number of units handled. The number of pieces in the packing units (i.e. re-bars in bundles, pipes in crates or cases, bags inside slingbags, etc.) as well as the wieght and quality shall be stated according to shippers declaration.