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The company conducts a broad range of ship surveys such as: bunker surveys, draught surveys, displacement calculations, on/off hire condition surveys, P&I pre-entry or follow-up condition surveys, holds inspections, hatch covers water tightness hose tests, sealing/un-sealing of cargo spaces or containers, etc.

Bunker Surveys

Ascertaining the quantity of bunkers on board the vessels by taking ullages or soundings to the storage tanks.

Draft Surveys

Ascertaining the weight of cargo loaded or discharged by reading the drafts and computing the loaded and empty displacements.

The survey is performed following the guidelines and rules as set by the U.N./ECE Uniform Code of Standards and Procedures for the Performance of Draught Surveys.


On/Off Hire condition survey

Visual inspection conducted at the time of delivery or re-delivery of a vessel to/from a time charter.

The survey goals are: ascertaining the condition of the vessel prior to delivery, recording any damage to hull or cargo spaces, certifying holds suitability for loading of the intended cargoes, validity of class and statutory certificates, etc. At re-delivery, the surveyor is to ascertain whether during the time charter the vessel the vessel sustain any damage.


P&I Pre-entry condition

Visual inspection of the cargo spaces aiming to ascertain whether the ships holds are clean, dry and suitable for loading of a certain commodity.

Loading and discharging supervision

Supervision during loading and discharging over-sized / over-weight equipments, steel products, general cargoes, etc.